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constellate/['kɔnstəleit]/ vi. 星罗棋布地群集, 荟萃 vt. 使形成星座, 使群集...

双色球智博彩票:听美剧学英语《老友记第七季》(MP3+双语字幕+文本) 19

[00:05.33]Oh, hey! How was your audition? 试镜如何?
[00:08.77]I'm sorry, do I know you? 对不起,我认识你吗?
[00:12.37]What are you doing? 你在干嘛?
[00:13.88]Practicing blowing you off. I'm gonna be a big movie star! 练习假装不认识你 我要成为电影明星了!
[00:17.78]You got it? 你得到那个角色了?
[00:19.01]-Not yet, but the audition went great! -What's it for? -还没,但试镜很成功! -什么样的角色?
[00:22.75]A big-budget period movie about three Italian brothers... 大成本制作 关于三个意大利兄弟…
[00:26.59]who come to America at the turn of the century. It's classy. 在世纪之初来到美国 是个经典故事
[00:30.59]The director's supposed to be the next-next Martin Scorsese. 导演被认为是 下下个马丁史柯西斯
[00:36.56]The "next-next"? “下下个”?
[00:37.97]A guy from Chicago's supposed to be the next Martin Scorsese. 芝加哥的那个家伙被认为是 下一个马丁史柯西斯
[00:42.07]This guy's right after him. 这个导演在他之后
[00:47.44]Hello? 喂?
[00:48.64]Joey, it's Estelle. I just talked to the casting people. They loved you! 乔伊,我是艾思拉,刚和选角的谈过 他们很喜欢你!
[00:54.65]They loved me! 他们很喜欢我!
[00:56.99]They want to see you again tomorrow. 他们明天要再见你一次
[00:59.65]-My God! -There's just one thing. -我的天! -只有一个问题
[01:01.96]Do you have a problem with full-frontal nudity? 你对正面全裸有问题吗?
[01:07.53]Are you kidding me? I never rent a movie without it! 你开玩笑吗?我从没租过 一部没有正面全裸的电影!
[01:12.30]Oh. 哦
[01:15.37]Okay, let me call you back. 好,我再回你电话
[01:18.17]-What's the matter? -They want me naked in the movie. -怎么回事? -电影里需要我全裸
[01:22.01]-Wow! -I know. -哇! -是啊
[01:23.48]-My grandmother's gonna see this. -Grandma's gonna have to get in line. -我祖母会看到的 -祖母还得排队咧
[01:30.35]The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin 本集播出:罗斯和摩妮卡的表妹
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[02:11.13]The wedding's so close. Are you nervous? 婚礼就快到了 你紧张吗?
[02:13.96]Yeah, but I also can't wait till it's over. 是啊,我等不及它结束
[02:17.03]We have a pact not to have sex again until the wedding. 我们决定婚礼前不做爱的
[02:20.30]A "no sex" pact, huh? “无性”条约,嗯?
[02:23.64]I have one of those with every woman in America. 我和全美每位女性 都有一份这个合约
[02:29.44]Will you give me a hand making up the guest bedroom? 你能帮我整理客房吗?
[02:32.81]Cousin Cassie's staying with us for a few days. 凯西要来和我们住几天
[02:35.55]Cassie? I haven't seen her in, like, forever. 凯西?我很久没看到她了
[02:39.09]I wonder if she still carries a Barbie everywhere? 她是不是还带着 芭比娃娃到处跑?
[02:42.29]-She's 25 years old. -So? I still.. -她25岁了 -所以呢?我还是…
[02:45.06]You're probably right. 你大概是对的
[02:49.83]Phoebe, can I talk to you over here for a second? 菲比,我可以和你说句话吗?
[02:53.64]Subtle, guys. 要低调一点
[02:56.37]What? 什么?
[02:57.71]I know you're planning my surprise bridal shower. 我知道你们在计划 我的惊喜告别单身派对
[03:02.41]Okay, well, don't ruin it. Just play along, at least. 好吧,别毁了它 至少假装不知道
[03:06.92]Okay. Sorry. 好,对不起
[03:10.45]We have to throw her a shower? 我们要替她办告别单身女子派对?
[03:18.16]What'd you decide to do about the movie? 你决定那部电影该怎么办了吗?
[03:20.96]I don't know. 我不知道,我是说…
[03:23.46]It's not like it's porn. This is a serious, legitimate movie. 那不是一部色情电影 这是一部严肃,正当的电影
[03:27.80]Nudity's really important to the story. 这个故事里的裸戏很重要
[03:30.37]That's what you say about porn. 你也是这么说色情电影的
[03:33.44]Maybe I shouldn't go on the callback. 也许别去参加第二次试镜
[03:35.94]No, you should. A lot of major actors do nude scenes. 不,你应该去 很多大明星都有裸戏演出
[03:40.25]The chance to star in a movie? Come on! 在电影里演出的机会?拜托!
[03:43.55]That's true. And I'm only naked in one scene. It sounds really great. 是真的,我只有一场裸戏 听起来真的很不错
[03:48.79]My character's Catholic. He falls in love with a Jewish girl. 我的角色是个天主教徒 和一位犹太女孩恋爱了
[03:52.26]We run away and get caught in a big rainstorm. 我们逃家而被陷在大雨中
[03:55.26]We go into a barn, undress each other and hold each other. 躲到了谷仓里 脱掉彼此衣服,抱在一起
[03:59.40]It's really sweet and tender. 真的很甜蜜而温柔
[04:01.84]Plus, everyone will see your thing! 还有,每个人都看到你那话儿!
[04:08.01]When can we have this shower? 我们何时能开这个告别单身女子派对?
[04:10.31]She has so much going on, we have only two options. 她有这么多事要做 我们只有两个选择
[04:13.78]-We have Friday. -That's just two days away. -星期五 -只剩两天了
[04:17.15]-What is the other option? -Yesterday. -另一个选择是什么? -昨天
[04:20.49]If we make it yesterday, we're done! 如果我们昨天就做好了 问题解决了!
[04:23.83]It's impossible. We can't do this by Friday. 不可能 我们不可能在星期五办
[04:26.36]We have to find a place, invite people, get food. 要找到一个地点 邀请客人,买好食物
[04:29.43]There's too much to do. 太多要做的
[04:31.43]-We cannot do it! -Calm down! -办不到! -镇静下来!
[04:34.24]Okay. I'm sorry, you're right. I'm sorry. 好,抱歉,你是对的,抱歉
[04:37.47]Just calm down, woman! 镇静下来,女人!
[04:41.78]Phoebe, I already did. 菲比,我已经镇静下来了
[04:43.85]All right, then I need to calm down. 好,那我需要镇静
[04:47.88]I think we can do this if we just get organized. 有系统一点就能办这件事
[04:50.85]We have two days to plan this party. We need to make fast decisions. 有两天来计划这个聚会 做决定要快
[04:55.32]Where will we have it? 要在哪里办?
[04:57.13]-Here. What time? -4:00. Food? -在这里,什么时间? -4点正,食物?
[04:59.93]-Finger sandwiches and tea. -Great! Very Monica. -小三明治和茶 -好极了!很摩妮卡
[05:03.33]-And chili! -You went one too far. -还有辣椒! -太过头了
[05:07.14]-Flowers or balloons? -Both. -花还是气球? -两个都要
[05:09.47]-We're paying for this. -Neither. -我们要付钱的 -两个都不要
[05:12.74]-What should we do for a theme? -Lusts of the Flesh! -主题要什么呢? -肌夫之爱!
[05:18.78]-What? -I don't know. Cowboy theme? -什么? -我不知道,牛仔风?
[05:27.32]I'm glad we decided not to sleep together before the wedding. 我很高兴我们决定婚礼前不上床
[05:31.39]Oh, boy. Me too. 我也是
[05:33.96]I was thinking, say we had a big fight, and broke up for a few hours. 我在想,如果我们大吵一架 分手几个小时
[05:39.37]Technically, we could have sex again. 技术上来说,我们就可以上床
[05:44.04]What do you think, bossy and domineering? 你说呢,颐指气使的人?
[05:46.71]The wedding's off, sloppy and immature. 婚礼取消了,不成熟的邋遢人
[05:49.54]That's me. Come on. 我正是如此,走吧
[05:51.15]Wait. Cassie's in the guest room. We're going to lunch. 等一下,凯西在客房 我们要出去吃中饭
[05:54.72]Get rid of her, obsessive and shrill! 甩掉她,执拗尖锐的人!
[05:58.05]Shrill? The wedding is back on. 尖锐?婚礼照常
[06:02.66]I thought I heard voices. You must be Chandler. 我听到有人讲话 你一定是钱德
[06:06.53]-Hi. Nice to meet you. -Nice to meet you too. -很高兴认识你 -很高兴认识你
[06:09.80]-So, ready to go? -Yeah. -要走了吗? -好
[06:30.25]-Chandler? -I'll be right with you. -钱德? -等一下
[06:35.42]-Cassie needs to stay at your place. -Why? -凯西必须去住你家 -为什么?
[06:38.23]Because "Pervie Perverson" here can't stop staring at her. 因为这位“变态人” 一直瞪着她看
[06:42.40]Chandler, she's our cousin! 钱德,她是我们的表妹!
[06:44.77]I wasn't staring. I was listening intently. 我没有瞪着她看 我是很专心地听她说话
[06:47.97]It's called being a good conversationalist. Watch. 做一位好的聊天者,看着
[06:51.77]Say something. 说话
[06:53.54]You were staring about eight inches south of there. 你看着南面8公分外的地方
[06:57.65]Fine. She can stay at my place. 好,她可以来住我家
[07:00.11]What does Cassie look like now? 凯西现在长的什么样子?
[07:02.58]Exactly like Aunt Marilyn. 就像玛丽莲阿姨
[07:05.29]This Aunt Marilyn, is she coming to the wedding? 玛丽莲阿姨会来参加婚礼吗?
[07:08.42]Wafer-thin ice. 你在薄冰上
[07:16.00]Hey, I'm back. 我回来了
[07:17.23]Hi, Joey. 乔伊
[07:19.40]Will I read the same scene again? 我要念同一场戏吗?
[07:21.94]I tried to call you. You didn't need to come today. 我试着打电话给你 你今天不用来这儿
[07:25.47]Oh, great. 太好了
[07:27.88]I'd have been perfect for this part. 我会是这个角色的最佳人选
[07:30.45]You made a bad decision and ruined your movie. Good day! 你错误的决定 会毁了你的电影,再见!
[07:34.18]You didn't need to come, because the director saw your tape and loved it. 你不需要来这儿 因为导演看了你的带子非常喜欢
[07:41.42]End scene. 还有表演
[07:45.66]Wasn't that fun? We did a little improv there. Yeah! 很好玩吧?刚刚的即席表演,!
[07:51.47]So, you were saying? 你在说?
[07:53.40]The director wants to meet you tomorrow. 导演明天想见你
[07:56.17]Wow! Sure! That's great. 哇!当然!太好了
[07:58.51]Your agent said you're okay with nudity. 你经纪人说你对裸戏没问题
[08:00.98]Yeah, sure. As long as it's handled tastefully. 是,只要很有格调地表现
[08:04.35]And that barn is not too cold. 谷仓不要太冷
[08:09.78]Perfect. There's one more thing. 好极了,还有一件事
[08:12.29]It's important to the director that everything in the movie's authentic. 导演希望电影里 每一样事物都很正宗
[08:18.36]In your love scene with Sarah... 你和莎拉的性爱场面…
[08:20.73]she talks about how she's never seen a naked man who wasn't Jewish. 她说她从没见过 不是犹太人的裸体男子
[08:25.63]So... 所以…
[08:29.44]So... what? 所以…怎样?
[08:31.64]So, the director is insisting that whoever play that part... 导演坚持演出这个角色的人…
[08:36.64]be authentically, anatomically... 是正宗的,身体组织上…
[08:40.48]not Jewish. You know what I'm saying? 不是犹太人 你知道我在说什么?
[08:43.45]Yes! 是!
[08:45.52]No. What? 不,什么?
[08:49.52]An Italian Catholic immigrant at this time would not be.... 在那时的意大利 天主教移民不会是…
[08:53.96]Bar mitzvah-ed? 行过受诫礼的?
[09:00.50]-To get this part, you can't be.. -No. -要得到这个角色,你不能是… -不能
[09:03.17]But you are? 可是你是?
[09:04.47]-You told them you weren't? -That's right. -你告诉他们你不是? -对
[09:07.91]Wow! 哇!
[09:09.88]It's definitely all gone? There's nothing there to work with? 真的完全都没有了? 没剩下一点可努力的余地?
[09:17.29]-What were you thinking? -I don't know. I just want this part. -你在想什么? -我不知道,我想得到这个角色
[09:21.49]They say no matter what you're asked during an audition, say yes. 他们说不管试镜时问什么 都回答是
[09:25.59]They want you to ride a horse, say you can. 如果要你骑马,说你会
[09:28.43]You figure out how to do it later. 之后再解决
[09:31.13]This is not like learning to ride a horse. This is like learning to... 这和学会骑马不一样 这就像是学会…
[09:37.20]grow a turtleneck. 长出高领衣的领子
[09:44.65]I know, okay? Tomorrow, when I go meet the director... 我知道,好吗? 明天我去见导演时…
[09:50.25]I have to take my clothes off so they can see what my body looks like. 我必须脱掉衣服 让他们看我的身体
[09:54.32]Oh, my God. What are you gonna do? 我的天,你要怎么办?
[09:57.59]I have to call my agent and tell her I can't do the part. 必须打给我的经纪人 告诉她我不能接这个角色
[10:02.76]Unless... 除非…
[10:05.93]Unless what? 除非怎么?
[10:07.13]This may sound crazy, but there may be something we could... 听起来很疯狂 我们可能可以做点…
[10:11.54]fashion. 造型
[10:16.84]-Like what? -Well, I'm not sure yet. -像什么? -我还不知道
[10:20.15]Off the top of my head, I'm thinking... 随便想想,我在想…
[10:23.45]double-sided tape and some sort of luncheon meat. 双面胶带和某种午餐肉
[10:33.93]I've got a great idea for party favors for the shower. 我有个派对主题的好主意
[10:38.00]We get mahogany boxes and carve everyone's names in them. 用一个红木箱 刻上每个人的名字
[10:42.07]Then inside is each person's individual birthstone. 在里面放着每个人的出生石
[10:47.58]Okay. Okay. 好,好
[10:51.45]You take care of that. 你来弄
[10:54.88]Meanwhile, the party's tomorrow and we don't have a guest list. 同时,派对就在明天 我们还没有宾客名单
[10:59.49]Okay. Who do we know that's coming? Me. Are you? 好,我们知道要来的有谁? 有我,你要来吗?
[11:07.60]-Hey. -Hey, what's up? -嘿 -怎么样???
[11:09.20]I'm making something for Joey. Can I raid your fridge? 我在替乔伊弄点东西 可以搜一下你的冰箱吗?
[11:12.90]Have at it. 请便
[11:15.80]All right. Turkey? That won't work. 好,火鸡肉?没有用
[11:20.01]Cheese? That won't work. 起司?没有用
[11:22.84]Olive loaf? I hope that won't work. 橄榄面包,希望这没用
[11:28.72]Are you making him a sandwich? 你在替他做三明治吗?
[11:31.39]No, it's more like a wrap. 不,比较像是鸡肉卷
[11:36.22]Okay, so I'm gonna go, guys. 好,我要走了
[11:38.56]So you can get back to deciding on what to get me for a present! 你们可以继续讨论 要送我什么礼物!
[11:46.17]We have to get her a present? 我们要送她礼物?
[11:49.40]Okay, but look. Look at what I got. 好吧,看我拿到什么
[11:52.74]It's her address book. We have a guest list. 她的通讯录 我们的宾客名单
[11:57.78]You're amazing. Did you pull that out of her purse? 你好厉害,你从她皮包拿的?
[12:01.28]Uh-huh. And a little seed money for the party. 嗯,还有派对的种子钱
[12:13.89]Cassie? 凯西?
[12:15.90]Hey, Ross! 罗斯!
[12:18.77]It's been so long! 好久不见!
[12:21.97]Last time I saw you... 上一次我看到你时…
[12:23.57]you were setting up your tent in line for Return of the Jedi. 你正搭着帐篷 等待绝地武士的归来
[12:29.11]So you did see me that day. Because it seemed like you didn't. 所以那天你有看到我 看起来像没看到的样子
[12:35.08]-Yeah, sorry about that. -It's okay. Come on in. -对不起 -没关系,请进
[12:38.75]Thanks for letting me stay here. Monica's place was nice. 谢谢你让我住在这儿 摩妮卡那儿不错
[12:42.99]But her fiance sure stares a lot. 但她的未婚夫一直瞪着人看
[13:08.15]Oh, my God! You do a great Chandler! 我的天!你学钱德学得真像!
[13:15.99]I have a knack for impressions. 我很会做表情的
[13:18.66]Maybe after we get re-acquainted you could do me. 等我们熟一点 你也可以学我
[13:22.00]Yeah. No! 好,不!
[13:34.14]How you doing on that... 你的…
[13:36.98]hot dog? 热狗好吃吗?
[13:41.02]-I'm all done. -Thank God. -我吃完了 -感谢上帝
[13:46.45]The last time we hung out was when our parents rented that beach house. 上次见面是我们父母 租下海边小屋那时
[13:51.46]Remember the time I pinned you down and tickled you until you cried? 记得我按住你 搔你痒直到你哭了?
[13:58.17]We're probably too old to do that now. 我们现在大了,不能这么做了
[14:03.50]I'll always remember that summer. It's when I got all these freckles. 我一直都记得那个夏天 我就是那时长了这些雀斑的
[14:10.98]I'll always remember that summer... 我一直都记得那个夏天…
[14:14.22]because that's when I realized that we are related. 因为那时我才知道我们是亲戚
[14:18.42]It took you that long to figure it out? 你花了那么久才发现?
[14:21.19]I'm a little slow. 我是有点反应迟缓
[14:24.56]Just as our children would be. 就如我们的孩子也可能会这样子
[14:34.24]-Hi. -Hi. -嗨 -嗨
[14:35.64]How are you? Good. Hi. Thanks for coming. 你好吗?好,嗨 谢谢大家来
[14:39.01]Thank you. So nice to see you. 谢谢,很高兴看到你
[14:41.44]-No, thanks. -Okay. Hey, Rach? -不,谢谢 -好,瑞秋?
[14:44.45]-Yeah? -Who the hell are all these people? -是? -这些是什么人???
[14:48.02]I don't know. I called everybody in her book. 我不知道 我打给她本子里的每一个人
[14:50.92]These are the ones that could show up on 24 hours' notice. 这些是在24小时内通知还能来的
[14:55.02]There's a word for people like that: Losers. 有另一个字来形容这种人:输家
[14:59.73]Hi, I'm Rachel. This is Phoebe. I'm the maid of honor. 我是瑞秋,这是菲比 我是伴娘
[15:03.46]-How do you know Monica? -I was her accountant four years ago. -你怎么认识摩妮卡的? -我是她四年前的会计师
[15:07.37]I'm interested to find out who's been doing her taxes the last four years. 我很想知道 这过去四年是谁替她报税
[15:13.44]That's great. 很好
[15:16.41]-When is Monica supposed to get here? -I don't know. -摩妮卡何时会到? -我不知道
[15:21.62]Excuse us. 借一步说话
[15:25.05]-You didn't tell her? -You were supposed to. -你没告诉她? -你该通知她的
[15:28.26]You were supposed to tell her to come! I was bringing the cake! 是你该通知她来的! 我要带蛋糕!
[15:32.09]-Fine, I'll go call her. -And please tell her to bring a cake! -好,我打电话给她 -要她带蛋糕来!
[15:42.64]We have a lot of options. A number of prototypes for you to try on. 我们有很多选择 有几个雏型可以试穿
[15:48.58]Those look great. 看起来很好
[15:49.84]Okay, this one's a mushroom cap. This one is made of bologna. 这个有磨菇做的头 这个是意大利香肠做的
[15:54.78]-The toothpicks? -Just until the glue dries. -牙签? -只是撑着等胶水干掉
[15:57.75]Thank God. 感谢上帝
[16:00.65]These are more realistic, but perishable. 这些比较逼真,但会腐烂
[16:04.29]Over here, we have pink suede, which is nice. 这儿,粉红色的鞣皮,很不错
[16:07.80]But if it gets wet, it'll shrink. 但湿了会缩水
[16:10.36]Maybe we'll just take that one away. 把这个拿走好了
[16:14.10]I also did a little something in fur, but that's really just for me. 我也做了一个毛的 不过那是给我自己的
[16:21.84]Why don't you try these on? We'll get a better idea of what works. 不如你去试试这些? 我们就知道哪些有用
[16:26.25]Thanks, you are such a good friend. And this is so weird. 谢谢,你真是位好朋友 这真是奇怪透顶
[16:37.79]-Toothpick? -Yeah. -牙签的? -是
[16:41.36]-What are you trying now? -The Fruit Roll-up. -你现在在试那个? -水果卷
[16:44.26]-And? -Delicious. -然后呢? -很好吃
[16:48.84]Wait a minute. Wait a minute. We have a winner! 等一下,等一下 冠军出线了!
[16:52.31]What? Which one? 怎样?哪一个?
[16:54.91]The Silly Putty. Not so silly anymore! 笨油灰不再那么笨了!
[17:08.09]She's your cousin. She's your cousin. 她是你表妹 她是你表妹
[17:13.59]If she knew what was going on in your head, she'd think you were sick. 如果她知道你脑袋里在想什么 她会以为你有病
[17:25.07]Or would she? Let's back up for a second. 她会吗? 倒转一下
[17:29.31]She was the one who suggested opening a bottle of wine. 是她提议开红酒的
[17:34.38]She was the one who turned down the lights. 是她把灯光调暗的
[17:37.58]She was the one that wanted to rent Logan's Run... 是她要租《二十三世纪大逃亡》的…
[17:41.92]the sexiest movie ever. 有史以来最性感的电影
[17:47.90]I know that look. 我知道这眼神
[17:50.06]Forget it. I want it. She wants it. 不管了,我想要,她想要
[17:54.60]I'm going in. 我要行动了
[18:06.25]What the hell are you doing? 你在干什么?
[18:09.62]Say something clever. 说点机智的
[18:13.92]Okay, doesn't have to be clever. 好吧,不必机智的
[18:16.79]Just has to be words. Say some words. 只要说点什么,说话
[18:20.73]Any words will do. 什么话都好
[18:25.40]Oh, my God, this is the longest... 我的天,这是有史以来…
[18:28.40]that anyone has not talked ever! 最长的沉默!
[18:34.64]There is nothing you could say to make this worse... 说什么都不可能让情形更糟…
[18:38.98]so just say something! 说点什么!
[18:42.92]I haven't had sex in a very long time. 我很久没做爱了
[18:50.29]Yeah, you really shouldn't have said anything. 你真的不该说话的
[18:55.90]Phoebe? Rachel? It's Monica. 菲比?瑞秋?是摩妮卡
[18:58.20]I wonder what you could possibly need me for on such short notice? 什么事这么急着找我来呢?
[19:07.17]-Oh, Monica. We are so sorry. -For what? -摩妮卡,我们很抱歉 -为什么?
[19:11.21]First, for forgetting to throw you a bridal shower. 第一,忘了替你办告别单身女子派对
[19:15.22]Then, forgetting to invite you to it. 然后忘了邀请你
[19:20.19]You already had it? 你们已经办完了?
[19:21.72]We called everyone in your phone book. A bunch of people came. 我们打电话给你通讯录里每一个人 来了很多人
[19:25.43]It took us so long to get you here that they had to leave. 但花了太多时间找到你 客人都走了
[19:29.53]We wanted to throw you a big surprise and a great shower. 我们想给你一个大惊喜 替你办一个大的告别单身女子派对
[19:33.97]Now you don't have either. 现在两个都没了
[19:36.04]We ruined everything. 我们毁了一切
[19:37.67]No, wait a minute, that's not true. What you did was really sweet. 不,等一下,没有毁了一切 你们真的很好心
[19:42.68]-It kind of works out for the best. -What do you mean? -其实这样子最好 -什么意思?
[19:46.55]Now I get to spend my shower with the only people I really love. 现在我可以和我真正喜欢的人 一起共渡我的告别单身女子派对
[19:51.08]I get all those presents without talking to people I don't even like! 我收了所有的礼物 而不必和我不喜欢的人说话!
[20:01.83]-Surprise. -Surprise, Monica. -惊喜 -惊喜,摩妮卡
[20:10.27]What's cool is, the character is from Naples, right? 最酷的是,这个角色是从尼泊尔来的
[20:14.21]My whole family's from Naples. 我全家都是从尼泊尔来的
[20:16.84]That's great. Okay. I've heard everything I need to hear... 太好了,我听得差不多了…
[20:22.35]We just need to, uh... 我们只需要…
[20:25.25]Leslie? 莱斯莉?
[20:26.82]-Joey, this is the awkward part. -Hey, right. Not a problem. -乔伊,这有点怪怪的 -是,没有问题
[20:31.39]I totally understand you need to... 我完全了解…
[20:33.89]make sure I don't have any horrible scars or tattoos. 你们需要能确定 我没有可怕的疤痕或刺青
[20:37.80]Don't you worry. 不用担心
[20:40.00]I have nothing to hide. 我没什么要隐藏的
[20:43.64]So, there you go. That's me. 这儿,这就是我
[20:46.77]One hundred-percent natural. 百分之百纯天然
[21:04.83]I tell you, that has never happened before. 这从来没发生过
[21:14.70]Cassie, are you finding everything okay? 凯西,一切都还好吗?
[21:17.20]Yeah. Thanks for letting me stay here. 是,谢谢你让我住这儿
[21:20.14]Oh, it's no problem. 没问题
[21:40.56]What? 怎么?
[21:42.16]Say something. Say anything. 说话,随便说什么
[21:45.23]Ask her out! She's not your cousin! 约她出去!她不是你表妹!

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